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FARGO C50 Card Printer

FARGO C50 Card Printer

Aksesoris Sekolah & Kantor
FARGO C50 Colour Card Printer ( Card Printer yang user friendly , mudah digunakan dan Harga Ekonomis dengan kualitas Prima ) GARANSI 1 TAHUN.   DIRECT-TO-CARD PRINTER Simple  Begin printing cards in minutes. Affordable  Get the hardware, software, ribbons and support you need in a single, cost effective package. Reliable  Experience outstanding performance and unrivaled quality from the leading brand in card issuance.     Designed for businesses, schools and government agencies, the HID Global FARGO C50 is an easy-to-use and affordable printer that can reliably print full-color employee ID, loyalty, payment or membership cards. With a sleek, smart design, the printer requires virtually no maintenance and can easily fit into the smallest offices settings. The C50 can go from box to printing cards in minutes, providing you with a new level of printing convenience. Features of the C50 include: *All-in-one printer ribbon and card cleaning cartridge simplifies the ribbon loading process. *Built-in Swift ID badge application allows you to create ID badges in seconds without having to install any additional software. * FARGO Workbench printer maintenance and diagnostic software ensures optimal performance at all times. *Enjoy edge-to-edge printing in full-color or monochrome. *Intuitive design provides instant, system status updates through color-changing buttons. * Expert online and phone support.   The FARGO C50 is built with Genuine HID technology and is fully interoperable with other products in the HID ecosystem,     Keterangan Lebih Lanjut PT. Wahana Sukses Makmur WTC Mangga Dua., Lt 1 Blok B. 28-29 Jakarta 14430. Indonesia Ph.021.2998-6533 HOTLINE 0852-1013-3333 / 0815-813-3333
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