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    Features & Applications:

    This Testo 435-4 HVAC deluxe kit is a multi-functional measuring instrument with built-in differential pressure measurement for A/ C, ventilation and Indoor Air Quality with readings memory, PC software and USB data transmission cable, with battery and calibration protocol. The ambient air conditions measuring instrument, for assessing Indoor Air Quality and tuning and testing VAC systems, stands out on account of its efficient measurement process. The user-friendly measuring instrument has the right measurement engineering for every application and different flow speeds; for example, thermal probes, vane or Pitot tube measurement. Probe-controlled menus and selectable user profiles, e.g. for duct measurement or long-term measurement, ensure the user-friendliest operation possible. The new IAQ probe measures Indoor Air Quality by measuring the CO2 level, air moisture and air temperature. In addition, lux and comfort level probes can be connected to measure draught air. Clear analysis and archiving ensure convenient documentation. Temperature and humidity measurement is built-in in the new thermal probe. The special flow protocol professionally documents duct measurements. It is also possible to connect additional temperature and humidity probes. Readings from up to 3 temperature or humidity probes can be displayed in the measuring instrument; data transmission is by radio, i.e. wireless.

    Features :

    Instrument memory for 10, 000 readings
    PC software for analysis, filing and documentation of measurement data
    IAQ probe, lux probe and comfort level probe
    Thermal probes, vane measurement and built-in differential pressure probe probe for Pitot tube measurement
    Radio probe for temperature and humidity
    Protection class IP54

    Speicifications :
    Storage temperature : -22 to + 158 ° F
    Operating temperature : -4 to + 122 ° F
    Battery type : Alkali manganese, mignon, Type AA
    Battery life : 200 hr ( typical vane measurement)
    Weight : 15.87 oz
    Dimensions : 8.86 x 2.91 x 1.81 in
    Material/ Housing : ABS/ TPE/ Metal
    Probe type Typ T ( Cu-CuNi)
    Meas. range -328 to + 752 ° F
    Accuracy ± 0.54 ° F ( -76 to + 140 ° F) ± 0.5% of rdg. ( remaining range)
    Probe type NTC :
    Meas. range -40 to + 302 ° F
    Accuracy ± 0.36 ° F ( -13 to + 166.82 ° F) ± 0.72 ° F ( -40 to -13.18 ° F) ± 0.72 ° F ( + 167 to + 211.82 ° F) ± 0.5% of rdg. ( remaining range)
    Probe type Type K
    Meas. Range -328 to + 2498 ° F
    Accuracy ± 0.54 ° F ( -76 to + 140 ° F) ± 0.5% of rdg. ( remaining range)
    Probe type CO2
    Meas. Range 0 to + 10000 ppm CO2
    Resolution 1 ppm CO2
    Probe type Differential pressure
    Meas. Range 0 to + 10.04 inH2O
    Accuracy ± 0.008 inH2O ( 0 to + 0.80 inH2O) 1% of rdg. ( remaining range)
    Probe type Lux
    Meas. Range 0 to + 100000 Lux
    Resolution 1 Lux / 0.1 Hz
    Probe type Absolute pressure probe
    Meas. Range 0 to + 802 inH2O
    Probe type humid.Sensor, cap.
    Meas. Range 0 to + 100 % RH
    Resolution 0.1 % RH
    Probe type Hot Wire
    Meas. Range 0 to + 3937 fpm

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    Testo 435-4 - HVAC Deluxe Kit, e-mail : k222555777@ yahoo.com, HP 081298520353-

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    Analytical Balance Ohaus
    Ashing Muffle Furnace - Carbolite.
    Autoclave All American
    Blender Laboratory
    BOD Incubator made in Lokal
    BOD Meter - Digital Velp
    Burette Digital
    Carbonation Tester
    Centrifuge Finco Inc.
    Centrifuge Hermle
    Chiller for Colomn HPLC From Torrey Pines scientific
    Chilling/ Heating Incubator
    Coating Thickness Gauge - Dry Film & PET Bottle
    Cloud Pour Point Koehler
    COD Reactor
    Colony Counter Stuart
    Column Chiller
    Cool Box Electric
    Conductivity Meter ( Portable , Bench Top & Multi Meter )
    Copper strip
    Current Meter - Flowatch
    Dead Weight Tester
    Dial Thermometer
    Digital Autoclave Hirayama
    Digital Thermometer for meat etc
    DO Meter ( Portable , Bench Top & Multi Meter )
    Extraction Mantle.
    Filter Holder , Glass Fritted , PTFE & SS Suport
    Flame Photometer - Jenway
    Flash Point Closed Cup & Open cup
    Flocculator ( 4 and spindle ) Benchtop and Portable Mascotte
    Furnace Neytech
    Glass-Wares ( Buret , Beaker Glass , Vol Flask , pipet etc)
    Gas Purity tester for beverages
    Grain Moisture Tester Delmhorst
    Heating Mantle Thrusoft - Korea
    High Volume Air Sampler Staplex
    Homogenizer Labtech
    Hot-Plate Ceramic Top Plate Torrey Pines Scientiific
    Ice Cube
    Incubator Finco Inc
    IR Thermometer PCE
    Kinematic Viscometer Koehler
    Laminar Air Flow Lokal Merk MASCOTTE
    Laser Distance Meter
    Leaf Area Meter
    Lemari Asam Lokal Mascotte
    Lux Meter
    Macro & Micro Kjeldahl App.
    Magnetic Stirer Ceramic Top Plated Torrey Pines Scientific
    Manifold SS Advantech
    MAS ( Microbiological Air Sampler ) Made IUL - Spain
    Melting Point Stuart
    Membrane Filter Sterile
    Milk Sedimentation Disks ADVANTECH
    Microscope Binocular , Trinocular & Stereo & Zoom Stereo
    Moisture Tester ( Wood & Concrete )
    Opacity Meter Lokal
    Orbital Mixing Chilling/ Heating dry Bath.
    Orbital Shaker
    Oven Finco Inc.
    Particle Counter Met One Instruments
    Perpendicularity Gauge
    Petridish sterile
    PH Meter Bench Top
    PH Meter ISFET
    PH Meter Portable
    PH Tester
    Plankton Net
    Pressure Gauge
    Ring Mill.
    Rotary Evaporator RE 300 Stuart
    Rotary Vacuum Pump GAST
    Salinity Tester
    Secure Seal Tester
    Secchi Disk
    Sieve Shaker
    Soil PH Meter
    Sound Level Meter PCE
    Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Labomed Inc
    Stirring Hot-Plate
    Stirring Motor
    Tablet Hardness tester Alliance Group
    Temperature Data Loger
    Test Kebocoran Lokal
    Thermohygrograph & Thermohygrometer SATO
    Thermometer Dial
    Tinto Meter
    TOG ( Total Oil & Grease ) Analyzer WILKS
    Top Loading Balance
    Torque Tester ( Analog & Digital ) , Bench & Portable.
    Triple Beam Balance
    Turbidity meter
    Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter.
    Vacuum Pump DOA P-504BN - GAST
    Vacuum Pump Welch
    Weather Station
    Viscometer Brookfield
    Vortex Mixer Thermolyne
    Water Bath
    Water Flow Meter FLOWATCH
    Water Microbiologigal Test
    Water Purification
    Water Sampler Horizontal & Vertical
    Water Still Apparatus FINCO INC
    Surveying Equipments, Forestry & Laboratory Meliputi: AC/ DC High Pot Testers, Altimeters, Anemometers, Automatic Levels, Battery Testers, Binoculars & Monoculars, Borescopes Videos, Calibrators Tester, Chlorine Meters, Clamp On Meters, Clinometers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Compases, Current Meters, DC Dielectric Testers, Density & Viscocitys, Distance Meters, Disolved Oxygen Meters, Flaw Detectors, Flow Meters, Force Gauges, Gas Detectors, Gauss Meters, GPS Geodetics, GPS Handhelds, Grain Moisture Meters, Ground Resistances, Hand Pumps, Handy Talkys Radio, Hardness Testers, Holiday Detectors, Insulation Testers, Lux / Light Meters, Measuring Tapes, Meg Ohm Meters, Metal Detectors, Microscopes, Milliohm Meters, Mirror Stereoscopes, Multimeters, Oil Content Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Other Products, Outboard Motors, Ph Meters, Pipe And Cable Locators, Planimeters, Power Quality Analyzers, Power Supply, Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Gauges, Rangefinders, Reflectometers, Scale Balances, Scanners, Scribers, Soil Moisture Meters, Sound Level Meters, Spectrophotometers, Survey Meters, Tachometers, Tank Dipping Tapes, Telescoping Roods, Theodolites, Thermo Hygrometers, Thermometers, Total Stations, Turbidity Meters, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Vibration Meters, Voltage Testers, Water Level Loggers, Water Quality Meters, Waveform Generators, Weather Stations, Wood Moisture Meters, Dan Lain Lain.

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    Liquid Handling
    Liquid Handling
    Life Science Products
    Volumetric instruments
    BLAUBRAND® quality
    Graduation/ Calibration

    Graduated pipettes
    Volumetric flasks
    Graduated/ Mixing cylinders
    Burettes / Automatic Burettes

    Density/ Temperature measurement
    Density bottles

    Oxygen flask
    ASTM centrifuge tubes
    Sedimentation cones
    Clinical Laboratory
    General Lab Products

    · General Lab Products
    Beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks
    Graduated beakers
    PFA labware
    Bottles, dropping bottles
    Gas washbottles
    Containers, trays
    Detergents/ Disinfectents
    Pipette cleaning/ Draining rack
    Forceps, scoops, weigh. dishes, jars
    Ground joint stoppers and acc.
    Tubing connectors, adapters, stopcocks
    Tube racks
    Desiccators, filter flasks
    Funnels, funnel holders
    Scaffolding components
    Magnetic stirring bars ( PTFE)
    Water jet filter pumps
    Water stills

    Asphalt Testing Equipment

    Asphalt and Concrete Equipment Testing Continued
    Blenders and Pulverizers
    Centrifuges for the Medical Laboratory
    Clinical Reagents, Appraratus and Supplies
    Concrete and Cement Testing Equipment
    Cryogenics -
    Dehydrated Culture Media Acumedia Brand
    Dehydrated Culture Media Criterion Brand
    Dispensers/ Diluters for Liquids
    Glassware Beakers, Flasks, Condensers, Culture Tubes, Test Tubes, Adapters and lots more.
    Gloves: Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Latex Powdered Exam Gloves, Vinyl Exam Gloves, Synthetic Exam Gloves, Nitrile Exam Gloves,
    Filtration Equipment: 6.6MB PDF Catalog Filter Papers, Membrane Filters,
    Micro Filtration Apparatus, Vacuum Filtration, Pressure Filtration and Microbiology Supplies
    Furnace Controllers
    Heating Blocks / DriBaths
    Heating Mantles, Glas-Col Brand
    Heating Mantles, Tapes and Cords. Controls and Instruments Manufactured by Glas-Col.
    Heating Mantles
    Heating Tapes and Mats
    Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates
    Hot Plates, Digital and Digital Stirring Hot Plates
    Homogenizers, Glas-Col Brand
    Homogenizers Variable Speed Motor Drives Pestle and Tubes
    Incubators and Ovens, Labline Brand
    Incubators, Ovens, Controls and Instruments Manufactured by Barnstead - Thermolyne - Labline.
    Incubators and Ovens, Quincy Lab Brand
    Incubators, Laboratory Ovens, Gravity Convection Ovens, Air Forced Ovens, Bench Ovens
    Karl Fischer Titration Equipment for Water Content Analysis
    Kjeldahl Equipment for Total Nitrogen and Protein Analysis
    Laboratory Apparatus
    Liquid Handling and Laboratory Products by Jencons Scientific
    Melting Point Apparatus
    Mixers and Shakers
    Mixers and Shakers continued
    Ovens and Incubators Labline Brand
    Ovens, Incubators, Controls and Instruments Manufactured by Barnstead - Thermolyne - Labline.
    Ovens and Incubators, Quincy Lab Brand
    Laboratory Ovens, Gravity Convection Ovens, Air Forced Ovens, Bench Ovens
    pH Meters, Conductivity Meters.
    Petroleum Testing Equipment
    Plasticware Beakers, Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Culture Tubes, Test Tubes, Tanks, Carboys and lots more.
    Refractometers: Atago Brand Refractometers,

    Refrigerators and Freezers
    Rotators, Glas-Col Brand
    Rotators: Test tube rack head, Hexagonal clamping head, Friction-drive test tube head. Manufactured by Glas-Col.
    Rotary Evaporators
    IKA Works Brand Rotary Evaporators.
    Shakers, Glas-Col Brand
    Shakers: Bench-Top Shaker, Mide-Range 3D Shaker, 3D Floor Shaker, WS180 Shaker, Accessories. Manufactured by Glas-Col.
    Soil Testing Equipment
    Spectrophotometers, UV Visible
    Spectrophotometers, Fluorometers
    Sieves, Standard Testing Sieves and Sonic Sifters. ATM Corporation / Advantech Corporation
    Sieves, Standard Testing Sieves. CSC Scientific

    Sterilizers, Harvey® Sterilizers
    Sterilizers, Aquawave Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners
    The Barnstead/ Thermolyne Harvey Sterilization Line offers a complete line of sterilization products for the dental, laboratory and medical markets.
    Sterilizers and Supplies
    Sterilizers / Pressure Cookers 15.5 Qt to 41.5 Qt
    Sterilizers, Desktop .
    Stirrers, Glas-Col Brand
    Stirrers Manufactured by Glas-col, Overhead Stirrers .
    Stirrers, IKA Works Brand
    Stirrers Manufactured by IKA Works, Overhead Stirrers.
    Stirrers, Talboys Brand
    Stirrers Manufactured by Talboys Engineering, Overhead Stirrers .
    Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers
    Test Papers By Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc
    Test Papers, Hydrion pH Test Papers, Buffers and Sanitizer Kits
    Test Papers: QUANTOFIX® test sticks and test papers for semi-quantitative determinations
    Thermometers, Vee Gee Brand ASTM, Digital, Glass, Maximum/ Minimum, SAMA, Thermometer Armours, Wall Mounted
    Thermometers, Surface Thermometers, Pipe-clamp, Digital Hand Held and Bimetal Stem in many Lengths.
    --Price list for Above--
    Thermometers, Bimetal for Industrial use.
    Thermometers, Bimetal and Digital with Probes for Industrial use. Humidity Testers.
    Thermometers and other Test Instruments for the Foodservice Industry.
    Thermometers, Non-Contact for Industrial use.
    Vortexers, Glas-Col Brand
    Davis : Weather Station, Temperature/ Humidity Sensor, dll.
    Dynasonic : Doppler/ Transit Time/ Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter.
    Extech : Test & Measuring Instrument
    Flir : Temperature & Thermography, Thermal Camera
    Fluke : Electrical Test & Measuring Instrument
    Garmin : Global Positioning System
    Greenlee : Electrical Test & Measuring Instrument
    Hioki : Digital HiTester, Analogue HiTester, Memory HiLogger, Memory HiCorder, Capacitance Tester, Megaohm Meter
    Honeywell : Control system, sensor
    Hozan : Tools
    Instek : Oscilloscope, Power Supply, Function Generator, dll.
    Irtek : Temperature & Thermography Instrument, Thermal Camera
    Kyoritsu : Electrical Test & Measuring Instrument, Tang Ampere, Megger / Mega Ohm
    Leica, Disto : Laser Distance Meter, Survey instrument
    Lutron : Handheld Test and Measuring Instrument
    Megger : Electrical Test & Measuring Instrument
    Mitutoyo : Caliper, Micrometer, Depth Gauge, dll.
    Multi Contact : Connection Parts
    Sanwa : Electrical Test & Measuring Instrument
    Shimpo : Tachometer
    Signal : Gas Analayzer, AQMS, Automotive Combustion, dll
    Tektronix : Electrical Electronic Test & Measuring Instrument
    Vortexers: Multi-Pulse Vortexer, Large Capacity Mixer, Touch Vortexer, Volumetric Flask Mixer, Digital Pulse Mixer, Accessories. Manufactured by Glas-Col.
    Thermal Cyclers
    Water Baths, Shaking Water Baths and Ultrasonic Cleaners
    Water Purification Information
    Water Purification Information / Glossary of Terms
    Water Deionization Equipment
    Water Deionization Equipment continued
    Water Distillation Equipment
    Water Deionization Equipment Reverse Osmosis
    Water Filters for Water Systems
    Water Systems, Deionization / Distillation / Reverse Osmosis Combinations


    Digital Oscilloscopes
    Real-time/ Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
    Analog Oscilloscopes
    Logic Analyzers
    Oscilloscope & Training Kit
    Spectrum Analyzers
    Spectrum Analyzers
    RF Training Systems
    Signal Sources
    Arbitrary Function Generators
    DDS Function Generators
    Analog Function Generators
    Other Signal Sources
    Power Supplies
    Programmable AC Power Source
    Programmable DC Electronic Load
    Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies
    Linear DC Power Supplies
    Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies
    Switching DC Power Supplies
    AC Power Source
    DC Electronic Loads
    Basic T& M
    Digital Meters
    LCR Meters
    Safety Testers
    Special Application Instruments
    Test Leads / Cables / Probes
    LCR Fixtures

    Digital Multimeter with AC/ DC Clamp Sensor Digital Multimeters

    Analogue Multimeters

    Digital Multimeter with AC/ DC Clamp Sensor
    KEW MATE 2000

    Infragas-109 - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Infragas-209 - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Infragas-309 - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Infragas-205 - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Infragas-305 - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Infragas-196 - Gas Analyzer 2-5 Gas

    Infragas-196 PC Module - Gas Analyzer 2-5 Gas

    Infragas-196SK - Gas Analyzer 4-5 Gas

    Smokemeter - OPA-105 -

    Smokemeter - OPA-105.PCB

    Smokemeter - OPA-105.LCD -

    Smokemeter - OPA-391HDF -

    Smokemeter - OPA-391HD

    Automotive and Garage Equipments

    Combustion Efficiency Analyzers Combustion DVD 12-page HVACR Combustion Catalog

    Quick and simple set up
    All TPI analyzers feature quick and simple set up. Fast purge and the ability to perform fuel selection during start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial start up. TPI analyzers also use the last selected fuel as the default setting. This feature prevents the need to perform fuel selection every time the analyzer is turned on

    The carbon monoxide sensor used in TPI combustion efficiency analyzers feature an on-board filter capable of filtering NO ( nitric oxide) , NO2 ( nitrogen dioxide) and NOX ( combination of NO and NO2) to prevent cross sensitivity errors.

    Use TPI analyzers to test flue gases in gas and oil fired equipment including high efficiency furnaces and condensing boilers. Measure CO, O2, and stack temperature. Determine combustion efficiency, CO2, and CO air free. Some models include built-in differential manometer, combustible gas detection, PC communication, data logging, and can measure NO / NOX.

    708: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

    • Measure CO, and temperature

    • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free

    709: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer and Differential Manometer

    • All the features of the 708 PLUS high resolution 0.001 in H20 differential manometer for high efficiency and oil equipment

    • Measure CO, and temperature

    • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free

    709R: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer w/ Differential Manometer

    • All the features of the 709 PLUS rechargeable batteries

    • Measure CO, and temperature

    • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free

    712: Deluxe combustion efficiency analyzer with optional PC interface

    • All the features of the 709R PLUS checks combustibles in flue, optional PC interface

    714: Combustionefficiency analyzer with NOX and optional PC capoirlity

    • Measure 02, CO, and NOX

    715: High CO ( above 10, 000ppm carbon monoxide) combustion analyzer with built-in differential themometer, differential manometer, and NO measurement & NOX calculation

    Use the optional A784 flow regulator to reduce the flow rate of the gas being sampled to measurable levels on high pressure systems such as gas compression engines. The A784 is included in the 715K3 kit.

    Combustion Analyzers and Emissions Gas Analyzers

    A complete portfolio of gas analyzers to monitor the combustion efficiency of HVAC boilers and the emissions from large industrial boilers and furnaces; the measurements include O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CxHy, H2S, Temperature, Draft, Velocity, and Efficiency among other parameters.

    Test & Measurement

    A comprehensive line of discreet instruments to meet the instrumentation requirement of many instruments specialists and contractors in a vast number of industries including, pharmaceutical, food, power, HVAC, light & industrial manufacturing, OEM etc.

    Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ)

    Instrumentation for the monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality include portable and permanently mounted transmitters designed to measure one or more of the following parameters: CO2, CO, Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Air Flow, and differential pressure ( manometers) among others. Air balancing equipment is also provided.


    Temperature, Pressure, Signal, and Blackbody Calibrators ( Secondary Standard Calibrators and Transfer Standards)
    Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1000 Series
    Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1000A Series
    Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2000 Series
    Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    Analog Oscilloscope-1
    Analog Oscilloscope-2
    Analog Oscilloscope-3
    Spectrum Analyzer
    DDS Function Generator
    Function Generator
    Signal Function Generator
    GPR-U Series
    GPR-H Series
    GPR-M Series
    GPS < 100 Series
    GPS < 200 Series
    GPC Series
    Programmable Switching DC
    Programmable Switching
    Switching DC
    AC Power Source
    DC Power Supply
    Digital Multimeter
    Digital AC Power Meter
    Handheld Meter
    LCR Meter
    Other Meter
    Components Testing Instrument
    Safety Test Instrument
    Other Instrument
    Handheld Digital Multimeter
    Select Guide AC DR IR
    AC DC IR Electric Safety
    Logic Analyzer
    Programmable AC/ DC Power Source
    Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

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    Micro LabTech Instrument
    Lindeteves Trade Centre, Lt 2 blok C3 No. 6
    Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 Glodok Jakarta.
    Telp : 021-33331735, 0251-7539361
    Hp : 081298520353 ( Hesty Dora) , 021-33331735, 021-37699537, 081380328072
    Fax : 0251-7543281
    Altimeters, Anemometers , Automatic Levels, Binoculars, Calipers, Clinometers, Compases, Current Meters, Distance Meters, DO Meters, Echosounders, Flaw Detectors, Flow Meters, Gas Detectors, Gauss Meters, GPS Geodetics, GPS Handhelds, GPS Mappings, GPS Mobiles, GPS Sounders, Handy Talkys, Hardness Testers, Holiday Detectors, Laboratory Tools, Laser Rangefinders, Lux Meters, Measuring Wheels, Metal Detectors, Microscopes, Moisture Meters, Monoculars, Multimeters, Multiparameter, Outboard Motors, PH Meters, Phone Satelites, Pipe Cable Locators, Planimeters, Pressure Gauges, Roughness Testers, Scale Balances, Scribers, Sound Level Meters, Survey Meters, Tachometers, Telescoping Roods, Theodolites, Thermohygrometers, Thermometers, Thickness Gauges, Total Stations, Turbidity Meters, Vibration Meters, Video Borescopes, Water Level Meters, Water Quality Meters & Weather Stations, dan lain lain.
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    - Basic Hand Auger Set - Geotechnical Sampling & Testing - Professional Soil Sampling Kit - Soil Auger & Cor Sampling Kit - Peat Soil Auger Kit - Rain Gauge - Bor Spiral - Gouge auger set - Standard Hand Auger Set - Panci Penguapan.
    Gear down hole and Accessories Part: - Core Barrel Assy ( PQ3, HQ3, NQ3) dan parts - Inner Tube Assy - Inner Tube, Split, Outer Tube - Over shot Assy dan parts ( produk Australia dll) - Hoisting Plug - Head Assy - Cap Assy - Chasing Shoe Bit - Drill rods, Casing pipe PQ3 ( HWT) , HQ3, NQ3 ( Merk Sandvik ( dari Eropa) , Australia, Crown, Asahi) - Diamond Bits Impreg - Tungsten Bit - Threewing bit - PCD Bit - Reamer Bit - Surface Step Bit - Water Swivel - Core Lifter Case - Core Lifter - Stop Ring - Shut of Valve - Stabilizer Ring - Adaptor Coupling - Locking Coupling - Inner Tube Wrench - Cross Sub - Saver Sub - Tricone Bit - Lifting Dog - Latch
    Drilling Mud: - Polymer - Bentonite ( Ausgel/ Stargel) - Hivis ( CR-650) - Austroll - Baraswell
    Engine: - FMC Been Pump
    Perlengkapan Malarialogi : - Sangkar Nyamuk - Mosquito Box - Mosquito Breeder - Tempat Telur Nyamuk - Bio Assay Kit - Tempat Makanan Nyamuk - Box Pin - Pinning Block - Aspirator Nyamuk - Killing Jar - Plastic Box - Insect Cabinet - Insect Drawer
    Pertanian :
    - Mesin Pengolahan Gula Semut - Mesin Pengolahan Limbah Kayu - Mesin Pengolahan Tapioka Singkong - Mesin Pengolahan Pemotongan Ayam - Mesin Pengolahan Pakan Ternak - Mesin Pengolahan Melinjo - Mesin Pengolahan Mete - Mesin Pengolahan Sorgum / Hermada - Mesin Pengolahan Kakao / Coklat - Mesin Pengolahan Kacang - Mesin Pengolahan Cabe - Mesin Pengolahan Kemiri - Mesin Pengolahan Teh - Mesin Pengolahan Minyak Atsiri - Mesin Pengolahan Kopi - Mesin Pengolahan Karet - Mesin Pengolahan Kedelai / Soya - Mesin Pengolahan Tahu - Mesin Pengolahan Tempe - Mesin Pengolahan Jagung - Mesin Pengolahan Jeruk - Mesin Pengolahan Mie - Mesin Pengolahan Kompos - Mesin Pengolahan Sagu - Mesin Pengolahan Sabut Kelapa - Mesin Pengolahan Briket - Mesin Pengolahan Apel - Mesin Pengolahan Jarak - Mesin Pengolahan Padi - Mesin Pengolahan Sawit - Mesin Pengolahan Kentang - Mesin Pengolahan Bawang - Mesin Pengolahan Tanah / Soil - Mesin Pengolahan Tebu - Mesin Pengolahan Pupuk Organik - Mesin Pengolahan Emas / Ballmill / Glundung - Mesin Pengolahan Limbah - Mesin Pengolahan Sampah - Mesin Pengolahan Fiber - Mesin Pengolahan Makanan - Mesin Pengolahan Kripik - Mesin Pengolahan Dodol - Mesin Press Uang - Mesin Ethanol - Mesin Cetak Batako Pressn- Mesin Cetak Paving / Conblock - Mesin Cetak Batako Apung - Mesin Batako Hebel - Aplikasi Teknologi Resin - Alat Panen Sagu - Alat Panen Karet - Alat Panen Sawit - Ubinan ( Alat Analisis) - Green House - Pembuatan Batu Penyosok
    - Teknik Pengolahan Minyak Atsiri - Teknik Pengolahan Ethanol - Teknik Pengolahan Tahu - Teknik Pengolahan Jeruk - Teknik Pengolahan Emas - Teknik Pengolahan Tepung - Teknik Pengolahan VCO - Teknik Pengolahan Gula Jagung - Teknik Pengolahan Gula Singkong / Cassava
    Pengolahan Tepung Tapioka, Cassava Flour
    Pengolahan Tepung Mocaf

    Perlengkapan Jalan :
    - Rambu Lalulintas - Rambu Pabrik - Rambu Kerja - Rambu Parkir - Lampu Lalulintas ( Traffic Light) - Delineator Post - Paku Jalan ( Road Stud) - Traffic Cone ( Rubber/ Plastic) - Cermin Lalulintas ( Safety Mirror) - Speed Gun - Road Barrier - Cat Thermoplastik - Glass Bead - Mesin Marka Jalan - Mesin Preheater ( pengaduk cat thermoplastik) - Mesin Marka Jalan Profil - Mesin Marka Jalan Cold Plastic - Mesin Penghapus Marka Jalan - Concrete Cutter - Cover Blade - High Frequency Converter - Tamping Rammer
    - Plate Compactor Ride-On Trowels - Mechanical Engine Vibrator - Internal Vibrator - Concrete Power Trowel - Generator Engine - Electric Concrete Vibrator
    - Vibratory Rammer / Tamping Rammer - Single Direction and Reversible Vibratoy Plates - RIde-on Vibratory Roller - Double Drum Vibratory Rollers ( baby Roller)
    - Asphalt / Concrete Cutter / Diamond Cutting Blade - Gasoline Cut-off Saws - Drilling Hammers, Breaker Hammers - Gasoline Engine Breaker / Chisel Tools, Peralatan Geology, Peralatan Pengairan, Peralatan Survey dan Pemetaan, Alat Alat Teknik Civil, - Concrete Vibrator, - Plate Compator, - Vibro Roller, - Mesin Vacuum Jalan, - Tamping Rammer, - Concrete Mixer
    Fabrikasi Steel Structure, seperti :
    - Beam, platform, ladder, handrail, insert plate, conduit pipe bending, and Container Basket
    - Pagar Besi, Meja Inspeksi, Meja Laboratorium, Lemari Besi, Lemari Kayu, Lemari Alumunium, pekerjaan besi / steel; stainless; alumunium, dll.
    - Fabrikasi Tenda, Tenda Pleton, Tenda Pengungsi, Tenda Pramuka, Tenda Dapur, Tenda PMI, Tenda Komando, Tenda Regu, Pergola, Awning, dll
    - Alat Pertanian ( Arboriculture and Holticulture Tools and Machinery) - Soil Moisture - Soil Thermometer - Wood Moisture Meter - Thermohygrometer - Grain Moisture Meter - Soil pH Meter - Soil Salinity Meter - Pocket Penetrometer - Soil test kit - Soil Munsell Chart - Soil NPK Tester - Soil Auger - Dodos, Agrek Egrek, Alat Panen Kelapa Sawit - Sadap, Deres, Ember Karet, Emposan Tikus, Perangkap Tikus, Kandang Nyamuk - Peralatan tes concrete, jalan, beton, Hand Bor / Auger, Bucket Auger, One-Piece Auger, Soil Sampling Auger, Soil Core, Bor Tanah, Bor Banka, Bor Pertambangan, Bor Sample Tanah, Bor Gambut, Bor Sawah, Bor Kebun, Bor Biopori, Bor Resapan, Standard Penetration Test, Sample Extruder, Sample Extruder Electric, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Corps of Engineer Soil Surface Sampler, Dutch Cone Penetrometer, Plate Bearing Test Set, Field CBR Test Set, Proving Ring Penetrometer, TVA Penetrometer, Liquid Limit Test Set, Plastic Limit Test Set, Shrinkage Limit Test Set, Steel Auger Bucket
    Sludge Sampler Kit, Split Core Sampler, Extendible Core Sampler Kit, Soil Gas Vapor Probe, Sand / loose Sediment Probe, Sediment Sampler, Soil Sampler Tube, Soil Profiler, Peralatan Kehutanan, Mesin Pertanian, Alat Pertanian, Alat Peternakan, Dll.

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